Welcome to Georgia!

In here we are going to inform you about some advise that will definitely make your stay in our country more pleasant. Here we go!


No matter how you are arriving in Georgia, carry valid travel papers.
A passport valid for minimum six months beyond the period of intended stay is needed

Visa Free

No visas required for the citizens of majority of countries. You can check your country and apply for electronic visa if needed here: https://www.evisa.gov.ge/GeoVisa/en/VisaApp

Georgian Currency

Yes, we do have our own currency, and its called GEL ( Georgian Lari ) Rate is always fluctuating , but assume that 1 Euro equals to 3 GEL, and 1 USD equals to 2.65 GEL

Time to learn Georgian

  • Gamarjoba – Hello
  • Madloba – Thank you
  • Nakhvamdis – Good Bye
  • Me mqvia – My name is …
  • Rogor khar? – How are you?


If you speak English or Russian you won’t problems to communicate with locals. Older generation mostly are fluent in Russian, but in youngsters English is more popular.