georgian cusine and wine

The history of Georgian cuisine began centuries ago. It refers to the cooking styles and dishes created by Georgian people. Each historical province of our country has its own culinary traditions. Georgian cuisine is the result of the broad interplay of culinary ideas carried along the Silk Road Trade route by merchants and travelers alike.  The importance of both food and drink to Georgian culture is best observed during the feast called “Supra” when a huge assortment of dishes is prepared, always accompanied by large amount of local wines. In Georgian feast, the role of the tamada (toastmaster) is an important and honored position.

It’s impossible to imagine Georgian traditions without wine, because Georgia is one of the oldest wine regions in the world. Wine-making traditions are considered entwined with and inseparable from the national identity.

 Ancient method of producing wine is using the Kvevri clay jars and is added to the UNESCO intangible cultural Heritage List.